• Hundred private enterprisesin Guangdong Province
      Hundred private enterprisesin Guangdong Province
      The first batch of pilot enterprises supply chain in Guangdong Province
      The top ten copper tube enterprises
    Guangdong Jingyi Metal Co., Ltd "(JIEA) "was founded in Shunde in July 1999. and on September 29. 2009 successfully listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange. stcx:k code: 002295. JIEA had been awarded the honor of " Hundred private enterprisesin Guangdong Province Innovative pilot enterprises in Guangdong Province ”. The first batch of pilot enterprises supply chain in Guangdong Province *."The top ten copper tube enterprises of chinaand set up some scientific research platforms as the provincial enterprise technology center, the provincial engineering research and development center, the national post- doctoral scientific research workstation.

    JIEA always adhere to the core value of “Knowledge respect. Value identity. Responsibility distinguish. Benefit sharing”. always keep the development concept of scientific judgments, correct understanding challenges and opportunities, actively prevent and resolve risks, constantly improve company systems, raise awareness and processing of the standard operation .and ultimately formed the development patterns based on the current copper processing industry and relied on the accurate supply chain service and trade.The copper processing industry have expanded from the regional market to the other domestic and international market.products have got high popularity and reputation in the field of home appliances; The supply chain business insisted on the value cooperation concept of respect, open, transparent and equal, and relied on the straight one-step service of the one cost, benefit sharing, achievements of others, self developments * in order to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) speed up operation , reduce operating costs and business risks. And through the management output, to help SMEs improve company system and the standard operation level of awareness and participation, in response to get the attention of other industries.participation, and finally won the customers and the community a high degree of recognition, respect and trust.

    JIEA shares will keep the development strategy of open and inclusion spirit .and adhere to continuous innovation, enhance the value , constantly improve the industrial structure and rich profit pattern based on the listed company's platform, in order to inject more fresh impetus to the sustainable development of the company.2138太阳城登录